The battle for the power to control the earth has raged since the dawn of creation. We all have heard of the spiritual battle between good and evil brought on by Satan’s treasonous will to be a God.  When God cast Satan out of Heaven to live in exile on earth, he brought with him legions of angels from every spectrum of the spiritual realm.  These legions have plagued the earth tempting mankind into sinful acts with one sole purpose; to remove God from this earthly creation leaving a power on this earth vulnerable so that Satan can take possession of it once and for all to fulfill his deathly desire to be a god.

Thousands of years ago God set apart a family known today only as the Knight Family.  He endowed them with supernatural abilities to protect certain objects and people that, if evil was to take control of, could point Satan straight to the power he so desperately desires.  They have done so, shrouded in secrecy, ever since.  To the common eye, they appear as nothing more than ordinary people.  They must always remain so or  risk revealing their true purpose and leaving everything the family protects vulnerable. To whisper even a hint of the family’s legacy is a crime punishable only by death and the Knight family will fight to the death to maintain their anonymity in this world.

Throughout the years, the understanding of the family’s purpose has begun to fade away.  When a Knight receives their assignment, they are only told what to protect, they are never given the reason for why it must be protected.  To understand that knowledge would be more detrimental to their assignment than if they were to lose it or if it were destroyed.  Because these individuals are forced to keep their purpose a secret, even from their spouses and children, a library of journals was created.  These journals, though vague of their assignment’s purpose, retell the means in which the Knight was forced into taking in order to protect their assignment.  For the Knight family, these are the only link they possess to understanding their history and purpose.

These libraries exist all over the world, but like the family, they are located in secret locations, only accessible to a member of the Knight family that is born to carry on the legacy.  Unfortunately, a few of these journals were never placed into the protection of the Knight Family libraries.  They have fallen into the hands of normal civilians.  Some can be found in museums as indistinguishable artifacts.  Some have been kept in personal libraries and passed down generation to generation.

It is my duty, as a member of the Knight family, to retrieve these journals and place them in the protection of our library.  This is my journal.

-Damien Knight

Cick to Read from the Beginning

(This blog is a collection of fictional short stories based upon the Knightingale  Series.  For more information about this book series, please visit Author Stephanie Laws’ website.)


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