Damien’s Journal – 11/23/12

Rome was awesome. The coolest part of it all was when we ran into a couple of our cousins that were doing the same thing we were.  It was hilarious. They had just gotten off their plane from London as we were heading to get our luggage. They were walking towards us, and just as we were about to pass, we all locked eyes and stopped, frozen in place. If you wouldn’t have known better, you would have thought they were our long lost brothers. We all have the strange blue eyes that everyone comments on. Then one of them, his name was John, said, “Knight?” That was all it took and we all started laughing because it was so weird. It never even occurred to me that there were other family members we may run into.

We ended up going to one of the airport cafe’s and talked for a couple of hours.  John, and his cousin, Jeff, had just recently finished with their training and were just starting on their “tour”. So we got the wise idea of transferring them to the places we had already been and in return they would transfer us to the places we hadn’t been to yet.

We spent a couple of days driving around Italy first. I wanted to actually be a tourist and visit the places we drove by, but Jason reminded me that we could do that anytime. He was more interested in getting as far from Rome as he could so that we had more opportunities to transfer to different places if we ever needed to. I honestly think he was more worried about running into more family and then everyone getting in on the idea we had. Rome is one of the most popular places to visit. It could be just me, he never said anything to the effect, but I’m not too sure he like having John and Jeff tagging along with us. Personally, I thought they were pretty cool.

Anyway, after we reached the Italian/French border, we turned in the rental car and started, literally, hopping all over the world. We decided that since John and Jeff had only just begun their world touring that they would transfer us to the places they knew.  We ended up going to Germany, Scottland, Ireland, Switzerland, and several other places in France. We never stayed in one area for long. As soon as we found a safe place to transfer to, we moved on to the next location. I’ve kept a google map of the world and marked every location we’ve been to so that we could look back for future reference and determine which location will get us closest to where we need to be if the need ever arises.

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~ by Stephanie Laws on November 24, 2012.

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